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Auckland Learn to Paint Display (Beginner's)

  • Mighty Ape 24-28 Highgate Parkway Silverdale, Auckland, 0932 New Zealand (map)

Please note that this will be a long and intense class. I will schedule an hour break for lunch, during which I want everyone to leave the classroom and take a break. It is important to rest and recharge a bit so you don't burn out by the end of the first day. 

I will supply a model for every student. We will quickly clean it and prime it at the beginning of class so we can review proper cleaning and priming techniques. The aim will be to get the miniature as fully painted as possible over the course of the weekend. 

The course will cover: 
Model Cleaning and Prep
Priming Basics
Basecoats vs Primer coats
Blending Techniques - Glazing, 2 Brush Blending and Wet Blending
Basic Intro to Color Theory
Display Presentation and Composition

The aim of the class is to get a tabletop painter comfortable with the basics of display painting. You don't need to have any advanced knowledge of painting to enter this class. Some knowledge would be helpful but if you are a complete novice painter, don't worry! We will start at the beginning. I will also bring the different tools I use to clean models and we will cover their uses. I will also discuss the different primers on the market and explain their different properties. 

For supplies for the classes, I recommend you guys bring the following:

Winsor and Newton Series 7 Size 2 and 3. Please note, I am using the correct sizes. I do not mean to write a double zero (00) and a triple zero (000). I actually mean the big ass size 2 and 3. Just ask Charles Radford. He's seen the ginormous brushes I use.

Also make sure you are buying the Winsor & Newto series 7 standard sizes, not the miniature sizes.

If you cannot find the WN brushes, you can order the same sizes in series 22 from Rosemary and Company which is a British manufacturer that does direct sales. If you guys want to save on shipping, maybe place a group order.

Or you can also buy the same sizes in Raphael 8404 Kolinksy Sable.

Is anyone Vegetarian or Vegan and against the use of animal products in their brushes? I do have recommendations on synthetics, if needed.

For paints, you can bring whatever you are most comfortable with. I am most familiar with the P3 range as I've been using it for a bajillion years. It is also the best paint to 2 Brush Blend with, which we will go over in class.

I will be using some P3, a Vallejo or two and my artist tube acrylics that include Jo Sonja and Schminke. I only use the metallics from P3 and Vallejo for the most part, a gloss coat from Vallejo, Metallic medium from Vallejo and the Scale 75 Inktesnity for inks. Otherwise, I only use Jo Sonja and Schminke for my regular paints. However, I want you to bring paint you are comfortable using. I will explain the different properties of paints in the class and what the various popular game brands are designed for. You guys are also more than welcome to try any paints I bring with me.

Otherwise, make sure to bring:
Sketchbook and writing implement
Travel Lamp
Power Board/Power Strip
A *LARGE* Sistema Container so we can make wet palettes together
Unwaxed, non-silicone coated baking paper/baking parchment. I use the Aldi Brand or Multix. 
Hair Dryer
Scalpel or X-Acto Knife with new blade
Super Glue
Super Glue Accelerant
Fine Grit Sandpaper or Emory Board/Nail File
And if someone could bring some primers for us that would be excellent. Either GW primers or Tamiya Fine Surface. I just can't fly with Aerosols.

If there are any questions, please let me know.