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Christchurch Color & Light Class (Intermediate)

  • Woolston Club 43 Hargood Street Christchurch, Canterbury, 8062 New Zealand (map)

2 Day Intermediate Class
Color & Light

Course Cost: $300AUD

I recommend everyone bring the following with them:

Paint - I strongly recommend purchasing a limited selection of heavy body artist acrylics as we will be focusing on the use of color theory to create mixes, color interest in our pieces and lighting.*

Brushes - at least a size 1, 2, 3 pointed round sable watercolor. I also strongly advise bringing larger sizes as we will be painting a bust.
Palette - a wet palette no smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.*
Journal/Sketchbook - unlined with white paper
Rinse Water Cup
Lamp - white/daylight bulb
Power Board
Extension Cord
Super Glue (just in case)

Hair Dryer

and whatever else you may need to be comfortable.

I will supply everyone in class with a bust to paint during class.  

In the class we will go over lighting and atmoshpere on models, color theory and how to push contrast. We will also discuss how to give proper critiques and their importance to your learning process.

This is a class that is aimed at bettering the current level of the students. I will not be teaching you my way of painting, as everyone has their own style. Instead, I will be teaching theory you can apply to your own style and help to push everyone out of their comfort zone. I will be available for demos if needed and questions throughout class.

A PowerPoint presentation will introduce the different concepts for the weekend. There will be breaks in between lecture topics to allow the students some time to do some color mixing exercises in order to better understand the concepts being discussed. Once the presentation is complete, students will have a chance to think about how they want to paint their model, prime them outside and come back and start working. I encourage students to discuss ideas among one another and ask as many questions of me as needed.  

*It is not required for you to execute a highly atmospheric paint job on your bust. If you are someone who struggles with highlighting and shading, I would recommend focusing on getting your lighting correct first, rather than jumping into OSL or a dramatically lit piece.*

I would like everyone to have a finished bust by the end of class that you can take home as an example to show you what you are capable of.

We will run a fairly tight schedule but there will be a 1 hour lunch break in which it is mandatory for all students to leave their work and have a physical and psychological break from your work.  The Woolston Club has a cafe, bar and restaurant on site so we should be okay with food options. Please let us know ahead of time if you have known food allergies or intolerances.

The class will run for 20 hours.

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