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Maitland Master Class 2016


Internationally recognized professional miniature painter, Meg used to work in the Privateer Press P3 Studio in Bellevue, Washington, USA as a Staff Painter. She has also worked for companies such as Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, Freebooter Miniatures, Crunch-Waffle Enterprises, Demented Games on their Twisted range and is currently partnered with Steam Forged to design a paint range and new larger scale miniatures range.

She paints for collectors such as George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame and Dave Gross of Pathfinder Tales. She has been painting since 2004 and has won over 20 international awards. Since 2013 she has been traveling around the world to teach painting classes.

Good Games Maitland has offered up space in their shop for a weekend for me to come up and teach the local community! A big thank you to Good Games for that! Here are the details about the class. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We will run from 10-7pm both Saturday and Sunday. A lunch break is figured into the time so everyone can have a rest and fuel up! Hopefully, we can order some food in as opposed to worrying about going out.

The classes include the following:

For AUD$205/person the students will receive 16 hours of instruction with me, an award winning and internationally recognized miniature painter!

Day 1 will cover:
Miniature Cleaning and Prep
Proper Priming Techniques
2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
Painting Faces and Eyes.
Color Theory

Day 2 will cover:
Hair and Fur
OSL (glowy bits)
Basing materials
True Metallic Metals

I recommend students bring the following with them:

Painting lamp

P3 paints (if you have them, they are best for 2 Brush Blending. Vallejo will also work for 2BB but will be more difficult. Reaper, GW and Scale 75 paint will be more difficult to work with 2 brush blending.

There are a few options. I use a Raphael 8404 Sable size 3 for blending and a Winsor and Newton Series 7 (standard not miniature sizes) size 2 for application and details.

You can also use a size 2 and 3 from Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes series 22 (not 33).

Or you can get any good quality Red Sable Brushes as well in a size 2 and 3.

Dry well palette

Sketchbook and pen for note taking

Hair dryer (at least a couple for the class to share)

Super glue
Hobby knife

Minis to practice techniques on that include a well sculpted and defined face, fur/hair, weapons or shields, something that can be turned into a glowy bit, lots of skin and wide open spaces such as shields or capes to practice blending. You can bring whatever scale of mini you like but I recommend between 28mm and 54mm for this class.

White and Black Spray Primer for Zenithal Priming

In order to reserve space you can send AUD$205 via a bank transfer. If you need more time to get the full payment in but don't want to miss out on a seat you can also send in AUD$50 as a non-refundable deposit.

We will have limited seating so don't miss your opportunity to register for class.

Please let me know if you are interested!

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