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Brisbane Master Class 2016


We will run from 10-7pm both Saturday and Sunday. A lunch break is figured into the time so everyone can have a rest and fuel up! Hopefully, we can order some food in as opposed to worrying about going out.

The classes include the following:

For AUD$205/person the students will receive 16 hours of instruction with me, an award winning and internationally recognized miniature painter!

Day 1 will cover:
Miniature Cleaning and Prep
Proper Priming Techniques
2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
Painting Faces and Eyes.
Color Theory

Day 2 will cover:
Hair and Fur
OSL (glowy bits)
Basing materials
True Metallic Metals

I recommend students bring the following with them:

Painting lamp

P3 paints (if you have them, they are best for 2 Brush Blending. Vallejo will also work for 2BB but will be more difficult. Reaper, GW and Scale 75 paint will be more difficult to work with 2 brush blending.

There are a few options. I use a Raphael 8404 Sable size 3 for blending and a Winsor and Newton Series 7 (standard not miniature sizes) size 2 for application and details.

You can also use a size 2 and 3 from Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes series 22 (not 33).

Or you can get any good quality Red Sable Brushes as well in a size 2 and 3.

Dry well palette

Sketchbook and pen for note taking

Hair dryer (at least a couple for the class to share)

Super glue
Hobby knife

Minis to practice techniques on that include a well sculpted and defined face, fur/hair, weapons or shields, something that can be turned into a glowy bit, lots of skin and wide open spaces such as shields or capes to practice blending. You can bring whatever scale of mini you like but I recommend between 28mm and 54mm for this class.

White and Black Spray Primer for Zenithal Priming

In order to reserve space you can send AUD$205 via a bank transfer. If you need more time to get the full payment in but don't want to miss out on a seat you can also send in AUD$50 as a non-refundable deposit.

We will have limited seating so don't miss your opportunity to register for class.

Later Event: June 26
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