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Melbourne Basing Class


Internationally recognized professional miniature painter, Meg used to work in the Privateer Press P3 Studio in Bellevue, Washington, USA as a Staff Painter. She has also worked for companies such as Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, Freebooter Miniatures, Crunch-Waffle Enterprises, Demented Games on their Twisted range and is currently partnered with Steam Forged to design a paint range and new larger scale miniatures range.

She paints for collectors such as George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame and Dave Gross of Pathfinder Tales. She has been painting since 2004 and has won over 20 international awards. Since 2013 she has been traveling around the world to teach painting classes and is now offering a Basing Master Class!

Gundam Universe has opened up their doors to host the very first ever Arcane Paintworks Basing Class! It will run over the course of a weekend just like the painting class.

This class is aimed at introducing people to different basing materials, how to use them, and discussing composition. I will provide kits to everyone with materials needed to make a Ruined Temple Base. This way we can learn to create man-made and organic materials for the base.

Some of the things included in the base will be bricks, dirt/sand, a tube of super glue, wooden block, plasticard, some plastic sprued scenery bits (still to be determined), some sculpting putty.

Students will need to bring some tools with them:

Scalpel or Hobby knife with replacement blades
paper towels
additional super glue
additional sculpting putty
sand paper in various grits (coarse to super fine)
paint brushes
water jars

Gundam Universe has asked me for a list of items to stock in the shop for the weekend. I would recommend bringing some extra cash to stock up on things that you may have trouble finding in the future. Especially, tons of plasticard! I plan on stocking up on some myself. :)

I would recommend finding a 28-35mm mini ahead of time that you'd like to include on the base in the future. Bring it prepped and with feet pinned so we can play around with composition and planning.

My aim is to go through construction and if we have time we can start painting. The way I paint my bases is a bit different to how I tackle my minis.

I will be making an example base ahead of time. Once I have constructed it, I will post photos. You don't have to copy it in the class. We will discuss why I made it the way I did and how to frame a mini. You guys can use my example base as a visual guide.

The class is $250AUD per person. This covers the cost of tuition and the cost of the kit I will be providing to everyone. We are limited to 15 seats in the class.

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Registration is a first come, first serve basis. As soon as a deposit or full tuition is paid I will record names on a roster.

If you need to you can pay the deposit ahead of time and then pay the rest in cash on the day. Please PM me for Bank Transfer details.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will try to get an example base made up soon and posted on here so you guys have an idea of what we will be going over.

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