When I first heard about Meg’s workshops coming over the ditch I was really excited. I was already a relatively experienced display painter, but only had video and internet tuts to learn from. This was my first opportunity to actually paint with a pro in the same room as me, so I grabbed my best mate and dragged him down to the Wellington beginner class.

I must say Meg has really set the bar high for the sheer quality of her workshops. Not only did she go in depth into the theory section in a way that didn’t shoot over our heads, but she also provided us with a lot of useful resources for hobby supplies, something that many mini painters here severely lack.

For the painting sections of the workshop, Meg was patient and helpful to the entire class, and we had a wide range of skill levels in there. No question was too complex or silly and she made sure everyone had the chance to watch up close and personal for each of her demonstrations and techniques.

Overall Meg was a fantastic teacher with a well thought out class. She was able to help everyone in the class and push all of our painting to new levels. This class is worth every cent wether you’re a beginner just starting out or an advanced person wanting to review the basics.
— Claire Van Der Goes
I had such a fantastic time on the course. 2 days of mind blowing, door opening moments, from the colour theory, making a wet palette (rather than my very small p3 palette) to the different painting techniques and theories. Cheers Meg, I know I have already put your lessons into practice. Lots of practice to get better now. I highly recommend doing one of the courses. You get what you put in. Meg has a fantastic approach to teaching and willing to help (even before and after the course!)
— Tim Adams
I came to this class with a little bit of prior knowledge. I helped out at the Crystal Dragon paint comp that Meg and Mark run for the last two years, and have caught snatches of the classes they give, but never been able to take them. I approached Meg wanting to take a lesson and she said “How about I come over to NZ?” A class for a number of locals was organised and without exception the response from EVERYONE was that it exceeded expectations in terms of knowledge, the transmission of that knowledge and that, economically, it was of great value.

Meg works extremely hard to foster a community of folk that want to better their skills, and has a passion to teach. That shines through clearly. If there is any doubt that it is a bit pricy, or of limited value, put it to bed. Clarity of explanation, breadth of knowledge, frankness of her approach to the hobby and accessibility for all levels is all present.

In short, go to her class. You’ll learn stuff. It’s worth it.
— Charles Radford
Spent my weekend attending the incredibly rewarding and challenging new intermediate painting class run by the effervescent Mega Maples in Brisbane.
The class helped me push my boundaries and explore colour , contrast and atmosphere all under the tutelage of Meg and with the support and encouragement of my class mates including rock star Trent Denison :)
It really was so much fun as I completed my first ever bust.... Much to now think about and new techniques and concepts to explore and develop.
Thanks again Meg
— Gavin Clarke
This weekend I got to take Megs intermediate painting class. For me it was a step up from the previous class I had taken with her and again it was money well spent. Going over colour theory and using atmosphere in your figures was something that to be honest I hadn’t given much thought to when painting. I can tell you now that will change, bringing atmosphere into a mini was something I didn’t even think about prior to the class and it will definitely be thought about going forward.In the previous class we brought our own mini with us to paint and this class a figure was provided for everyone. This for me was a great idea, it let us bounce ideas off each other and again I believe helped all of us progress through the weekend. Megs teaching style is very laid back and provides plenty of opportunity to ask questions and seek advice, for those looking to advance your painting I can’t recommend this class enough.
— Hemish Dekker
Hi Meg, just want to let you know that the Brisbane workshop was great. My leg maybe sore tonight but it was totally worth it to attend. The more I look at my work from the weekend the more excited I am about it and the potential of continuing on and improving on what I learnt (hopefully 😃). If it was not for this bad leg I would go to the Melbourne workshop next weekend to do the pirate bust, but I have been told that I can not fly yet (does this make me a Meg Fan Boy 😀). Hope to be able to catch-up for a one-on-one lesson in the future, otherwise see you somewhere.
— Grant Johnston
Last weekend I attended Meg’s intermediate painting class and had an absolute blast! It was the first all-weekend class I’ve taken and it was well worth every cent.

Having concepts like value, reflected light and contrast explained creates a little light-bulb moment when you think “Ah! So that’s why” and it really opens your mind to truly thinking about your painting. Adding atmosphere into a miniature wasn’t even on my radar as a painter and I don’t think I’d ever have considered two light sources if it weren’t for Meg’s class.

The class was laid back and we had many opportunities to ask questions, for advice and general feedback. It feels like I knew nothing about painting before this class and now have a whole slew of new techniques and ideas to practice. I’d love to attend more classes in the future as they are well worth the experience!
— Peter Snow
I was a complete beginner when I attended Meg’s course last year. She didn’t care. She put as much time in to helping me learn as everyone else in the course. It was super fun, and I walked out a far better painter than when I walked in. The course is fun, she is a delight, and it is worth every penny. It is a year later, my models win competitions. I would not be here if I hadn’t decided to take that plunge!
— Will Richardson
“I’ve been lucky enough to take more than 100+ classes with some of the best miniature painters from around the world. All extremely skilled in their craft but few with the ability to translate that skill into instruction. Meg has this ability and cultivates it far beyond her peers, her instruction is clear, thought out and enjoyable. I loved her masterclass so much I wanted to make sure that people from my home town had the chance to experience it, so I helped facilitate a masterclass in my hometown when the opportunity arose. She effortlessly supported students from a broad range of experience and skill level in one group, no easy feat. In the 25 years I have been painting minis I can say unequivocally that her instruction in miniature painting is the best bang for your buck around.”
— Alex Landing
I took a few Classes with Meg and despite my reservations and feeling like I couldn’t learn much in the limited time we had, I left with a different mentality which I could then apply to my style of painting. What was refreshing was the not shoved down your throat “this is how you need to paint” but more of a guide to better my own. I feel like learning to paint is more like a sorting through a wall of information and usually leaving myself procrastinating at the gate. Save yourself some time and take a few lessons. Suddenly, the sifting becomes easy and without realising, you’ll find yourself applying what you learnt and that is priceless
— Steve Quinn
I have taken both private and group lessons with Meg and they are well worth the money! Getting to see her demonstrate a technique and then critique you as you practice really helps you understand techniques such as two brush blending. I look forward to scheduling more lessons with her in the future!
— Nikole Courtney
Meg from Arcane Paintworks has been one of my favourite painters for some time, and I recently had the opportunity to get some models painted by her. I was certainly not disappointed; I am looking forward to the next one.
— Matthew Chalmers
In a matter of days, one-on-one sessions with Meg Maples took me from Flat coloured minis with scary eyes to wonderfully shaded mini’s with seamless blends and real eyes.
— David Higgins
Meg’s skills as a teacher are as Master Class as her skills as a painter. She has a broad understanding of painting techniques and the underlying concepts of painting and display composition which she is able to communicate effortlessly. Having improved my technique exponentially over a few short lessons, I would recommend classes or commissions with Arcane Paintworks in a heartbeat.
— Aaron Harwood
“Meg Maples class quite literally inspired me to pursue miniature painting in a serious way. The techniques she taught in class have made me love how my miniatures look, instead of just like how they look. I made so many friends and connections in the class that I keep in contact with still, and we all seem to spur each other on with our minis almost every day. Plus, Meg is really funny!”
— Robert Johnson