Private Coaching

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website and information on Private Coaching sessions. Likely, you are here because you would like to develop your painting style and get out of your comfort zone. Welcome! You've come to the right place! 

Overview of Coaching Sessions:

Who is available for coaching sessions?
Both Mark Soley and Meg Maples are available for Private Coaching sessions.

Meg has worked in the miniature industry since 2005, working for many companies in the US as well as several in Europe. She has done many years as a studio painter and a commission painter and has over 25 awards to her name. 

Mark is a hobby painter who splits his focus on both tabletop armies and display pieces. He is known for his intricate basing work as well as colorful transitions. Mark also has several awards including several Golden Demons and the last Australian Slayer Sword awarded in 2012.

It is up to the student as to who they would to book with. If they are unsure, they can always discuss with us what their goals are and we will match them up with the teacher better suited to the topic. Mark and Meg have their own strengths as teachers. 

Where is Arcane Paintworks Located?
We are located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. We will provide our exact address to students upon booking. 

What days are available for booking?
Meg is available during weekdays and weekends, any time. Her schedule is very flexible. 
Mark is available only on weekends and some Holidays. 

How long are the coaching sessions?
The coaching sessions will take place over the course of 2 days with an hour for lunch scheduled in the day. The times will be determined by the Instructor and Students but for the most part we try to go from 9am-6pm or 10am-7pm. This amount of time allows the teacher to discuss the goals with their student, see their work and current level of painting as well as introducing new material before putting in some practical application. On the second day, painting will end at least an hour before the end of the coaching and we will conduct a debriefing with the student. This means we will reflect on what they learned, things they may still need to work on at home after the private coaching as well as students providing us with feedback. 

What topics can we go over?
This is up to each student as we can cover several topics in one session. For instance we can focus on techniques such as 2 Brush Blending and Glazing, we can focus on Color and Contrast, we can cover Basing and Composition, etc. 

When booking the Private Coaching the student should indicate to us what their goals are for their painting. We will ask for photos of their current work so we can assess their skill level and ability which will help us to develop a lesson plan prior to the days of coaching. The more information a student can provide us the better! 

What do I need to bring with me?
Students should bring their own brushes, palettes, their own paint if they wish, a notebook, and a model of your choosing and previously completed pieces that are accurate indicators of painting level. 

We have desk space, lamps, power outlets and many different materials that are available to our students. 

How does a Private Coaching run?
Once the student arrives, there will be a few minutes of introduction between the student and the teacher with coffee or tea. We like to have a few minutes to settle in and everyone get their bearings before jumping into the meat of the coaching.

Once everyone is comfortable we will request to take a look of any painted models the student has brought with them. From there we will go over the topics previously discussed via email during the booking process and introduce new concepts and ideas.

Then we will move on to painting our own prepped models. The teachers will use the techniques and concepts just discussed to paint their own project side by side while the student paints their model. We will give the student time to work on their own, checking on their progress and providing guidance where needed. We encourage the student to ask questions as well as watch us work from time to time. You'd be surprised what you can pick up just by watching someone. 

We will encourage the student to make their own decisions regarding color choices as well. Seeking our guidance if there are questions regarding color relationships, is welcome. However, we don't provide recipes and we don't approach teaching as a paint by number or Paint-A-Long sort of way. Instead, we want the students to be pushed out of their comfort zone, give them the tools to start thinking about their artwork in a different way, and have us guide them through their journey. 

What is the cost for a 2 day Private Coaching?
We charge $650AUD for a 2 day Coaching Session per person. This cost covers our time to create a lesson plan with the student prior to the first day of class, as well as our time teaching over the course of 2 days. If you would like to do a bit of a Paint-A-Long with Meg, the cost of the model for the student will be additional to the tuition. 

Food and Accommodation?

We are located within a short walking distance of the Main Street in Goulburn which has several pubs, KFC, Farmer's Market with Cafe, Food Court, Red Rooster, Coles and Woolies, and a Hungry Jack's close by. 

We have 2 hotels within a short walk of our location as well as many other hotels that are a short drive away. You'll have to book your own accommodation when you book your Private Coaching however we can provide suggestions. 

If anyone needs to take the train to Goulburn, we area available to pick you up when you arrive. 

If you are interested in booking a Private Coaching, please Contact Us! 
We look forward to hearing from you, 

Mark and Meg