Lost Miniatures of Painting Past

After digging into the box of miniatures past, I found a 75mm Roaming Knight from Pegaso amongst the bundle of kits that are sitting unpainted. This one gave me some vision of what I could do with it and I decided that this half kilo of unpainted white metal will be the basis of my PAINTPOCALYPSE! challenge.

I have decided to do a 75mm diorama turning the Pegaso Roaming Knight into Geralt of Rivia! It will be a huge project as the horse on this mini is at least 15cm long and the base I have in mind has some interesting elements to build. We will see how this all goes as I get into the project as I am sure there are going to be some changes as I get the plinth built and start getting things together. I am really looking forward to painting up this absolutely epic miniature and making it into such an epic character as Geralt!

- Mark