Crystal Dragon Painting Competition

Results from the Crystal Dragon 2018 Competition: 

Judge's Choice Best in Show --- Macca Chung (VIC) with SoriyamaMarilyn


Hatchlings Best in Show --- Martin Prosser (ACT)
People's Choice Best in Show --- David Colwell (VIC)
Strongest Female Award --- Gavin Dodd (NZ, North Island) with Running Over Bridge
Twisted Manufacturer Award --- Charles Radford (NZ, South Island) with Launcelot
Overnight Painting Challenge --- David Colwell (VIC) with Romero the Cat in Blue Light


Trent Denison (QLD) -- Radigundus
David Colwell (VIC) -- Navigator Bust
David Colwell (VIC) -- Navigator Bust
James Lynch (QLD) -- Sarah Kilmister Bust
Gavin Dodd (NZ, North Island) -- Running Over Bridge
Gavin Dodd (NZ, North Island) -- Jamal Bust
Casey Hastings (NSW) -- Radigundus
Casey Hastings (NSW) -- Pirate Goblin


Macca Chung (VIC) -- Verdugo
Macca Chung (VIC) -- Butcher Gangster
Macca Chung (VIC) -- Shaetan, Stinky Fart Demon
Macca Chung (VIC) -- Gold Monk
David Colwell (VIC) -- Nighttime Ninja
Trent Denison (QLD) -- He Man
Trent Denison (QLD) -- Shiprekt
Casey Hastings (NSW) -- Loyalty


Macca Chung (VIC) -- SoriyamaMarilyn
Macca Chung (VIC) -- Zombie Chef
Trent Denison (QLD) --AquaGirl
James Lynch (QLD) Khorgus Khul

We reached 29 Entrants and had 107 Entries. All in all, that is a pretty epic effort. Many people had multiple entries, which we were happy to see.