Crystal Dragon Painting Seminars

We are offering a variety of 2 hour seminars alongside Crystal Dragon 2018. These seminars are aimed at any painter who wants to improve their understanding of theory and technical execution. You do not need to be an advanced painter to join any of these. We welcome from beginners to intermediate painters. All of our teachers are skilled in being able to help painters of differing levels. 

You will have to bring your own supplies to use - model for every class, lamps, paints, brushes, palettes, sketchbook and writing implement. We will have powerpoints for people to plug into as well as water and paper towels.

Please let us know if there are any questions.  

Friday Course Offerings


Speed Painting with Adam Smith

Learn the tricks to painting your armies to a good standard super fast with our resident Speed Painter, Adam Smith! He is infamous for turning into the Crystal Dragon competition pieces he paints over night at the comp. Last year he won the Speed Paint Challenge. He is a machine! And he is willing to share is secrets with you! 

This class will run Friday, January 26th from 9am to 11am. 


Color Theory with Meg Maples

Meg will demistify color by introducing the very basic building blocks to color theory. This class is designed for beginner painters who have little to no prior experience with color theory. This will be a lecture only class using a Power Point presentation to explain concepts. Please bring a sketchbook for note taking. You will also need brushes and a palette to do exercises in the class. 

This class will run Friday, January 26th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Painting OSL with Roman Gruba

Roman is traveling all the way from Russia to teach you how to paint Glowy Bits on your miniatures! This will cover the theory and technique utilized in painting glow effects and atmospheric lighting on your miniatures. This class is aimed at display painting but is also suitable for people wanting to make their armies look killer! 

This class will run Friday, January 26th from 11:15am to 1:15pm


Create Foliage with Mark Soley

Mark, Base Creator Extraordinaire, is willing to share his secrets on how he makes those stunning nature bases! He will explain what you have in your own backyard to create these stunning effects and how simple tricks can help you achieve an awe-inspiring look! Everything from using real dirt and bark to the versatility of paper craft! This class is suitable for painters of all levels. 

This class will run Friday, January 26th from 3:45pm to 5:45pm

Saturday Course Offerings


Create Sci-Fi Base with Mark Soley

Mark will explain his process for conceptualizing and designing bases suitable for post apocalyptic and science fiction style bases. In order to achieve the desired look he will use whatever he has at his disposal including plasticard, wire, tubing, mesh, and other assorted materials.  Mark will walk you through the journey of base design! This class is designed for painters of all levels. 

This class will run Saturday, January 27th from 9am to 11am. 


Glazing with Meg Maples

This class will cover an all important technique for anyone living in a hot climate: Glazing! For this technique it is recommended to bring along a wet palette as it is the easiest way to thin your paints for glazing. This technique is aimed at beginner level painters. This technique is used to create transitions between highlight and shadow as well as between colors. This is a necessary technique for anyone wanting to learn display painting. Please bring a mini that has some larger areas for glazing. 

This class will run Saturday, January 27th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. 


Leather Textures with Roman Gruba

Roman is a master at creating visual texture to achieve that worn leather look! He will show the techniques he uses, explain his color choices and discuss composition in order to create stunning leather on your models! This class is aimed at painters with a bit of experience. You will need to be fearless in class to understand how Roman uses color to achieve his style! 

This class will run Saturday, January 27th from 11:15am to 1:15pm. 


Painting Faces with Meg Maples

Meg will explain how to approach painting faces as well as outline the common mistakes people make when trying to paint faces. From color useage to ensure you end up with lively fleshtones to how to handle the different planes and volumes on the face, she will show that faces aren't that scary or hard to paint! The first half will be a lecture format class with a Power Point presentation so a sketchbook is required for note taking. Please have a larger scale (54mm or larger) face to paint on in the last half of class. 

This class will run Saturday, January 27th from 3:45pm to 5:45pm