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Mark and Meg at Eling Winery in NSW, Australia Feb 2017. 

Meg Maples and Mark Soley not only work together under the Arcane Paintworks banner but they are also married and living in Rural, New South Wales, Australia. They were brought together through their love of miniature painting as they were colleagues when they met. Meg's been painting since 2004 and quickly climbed the ranks through several company jobs. Her first with Reaper as a warehouse monkey and freelance painter and then she was hired on by Privateer Press to be a full time Staff Painter from 2011 to 2013. Meg currently works for Steam Forged Games, LTD as a Creative Director on the creation of a Paint and Hobby Tool Product Range in addition to spending several months out of the year traveling to teach. She's taught over 50 painting classes since 2013 and has wracked up over 20 awards since her competition debut in 2006.

Mark Soley started painting in 1998 when he started playing wargames. He immersed himself in all things miniature and kit building and wanted to master as many techniques and aspects of his artwork as possible. He started competing in the Games Workshop Golden Demon competitions and in 2012 he won the last Slayer Sword to be given out in Australia. He currently works as IT support for the Australian Department of Education as well as a part time Graphic Designer. He often travels around Australia with Meg and helps out at her weekend Workshops as well as giving a different point of view at one on ones at the Arcane Paintworks Studio.


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