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Composition & Art Theory Foundations

Anatomy of Bases
What is Contrast & How to Check It
5 Layers of Contrast-by Mark Soley
Creating Focus-by Mark Soley
Color Theory: Ultra Basics
Understanding Light and Shadow by Monika Zagrobelna

Wet Palettes & Supplies

Wet Palettes: What Are They and When to Use Them
Wet Palettes: Make Your Own (Australia and New Zealand Specific)
Artist Tube Acrylic vs. Game Manufacturer Paints
The Scrubby Brush
Meg's Supply Recommendation


Pricing Your Work
The Gap
Soriyama Marilyn by Macca Chung
10 Year Challenge

Step by Step (SBS)

Six Step Eyes
Primer on Priming
Create Display Blocks on the Cheap


Meg's Visit to Massive Voodoo 2016
Everlasting Wet Palette by Redgrass Games